Leadership course at MIT, July 2014


Nuestro Universo

Enciso Systems presents Nuestro Universo, the corporate anthem that takes elements of Llanero folklore and combines them with an impeccable musical production. The project was a collaboration between artists located in Argentina, Guatemala and Colombia. With this first work, it is expected to start a path of musical projects full of emotion and respect for the roots.

Enciso Systems receives funding from Minciencias as part of the post-pandemic economic reactivation program

Supporting the evolution of digital business processes is the subject of a research project by Enciso Systems, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad de los Llanos. Through a postdoctoral grant, a team of researchers will enhance the software's capabilities to detect changes in business process models, identify necessary modifications, and help developers update source code. The goal is to bridge the gap between updates to business process models and corporate capabilities to optimize the software that supports them.

New Tool to Discover Cosmic Jewels

Computer Scientists from BitPointer, Enciso Systems and international partners developed the latest version of FITS Liberator, a visualization tool that enables graphics experts to produce the most beautiful astronomical images. From now on, the entire astronomy visualization community can use FITS Liberator on 64-bit based operating systems, taking advantage of current computational power to elaborate astounding visuals.