Leadership course at MIT, July 2014


Besides activities in the productive sector, Enciso System's team collaborates with Universities and students can write their academic work along the projects they are working on.

Open Projects

  • Upgrade Bye Bye 404's core libraries (e.g., django, etc.)
  • Revamp Bye Bye 404's graphical user interface
  • Implement CI/CD for FITS Liberator
  • Automate team's production Dashboard (e.g., Google Spreadsheet's, JS)
  • Improve content for online learning platform.

If you are interested in our open projects, please send your CV to jobs@encisosystems.com.

Also, check our open positions.

Bachelor Thesis

2024: Análisis de accesibilidad web en portales gubernamentales colombianos mediante herramienta automática de evaluación. Ingry Romero. Director: Javier Enciso. Codirector: Olga Vega

2022: Desarrollo de proyecto semilla para tiendas virtuales basado en tecnología DjangoDiego Alejandro Martínez Chico. Director: Javier Enciso.

2021: Migration From Redis To RabbitMQ In Broken Link Web Application. Alejandro Vivas. Director: Javier Enciso.

2020: Reconstruction of Graphical User Interface Based on React Technology for Broken Links Maintenance Web Application. Diego Palacios. Director: Javier Enciso.

2020: Road Map Construction for Information and Technology Business Governance in Multi-agency Commercial Distributor. Paula Velasquez. Director: Javier Enciso.

Conference Papers

2018: A Multi-strategy Recommendation Algorithm to Retrieve Broken Hyperlinks. Emiraldo Lozano, Roger Calderón, Javier Enciso.

2016: Modeling and Simulation of Passenger Traffic in a National Airport. Pablo Martínez, Juan Vargas, Javier Enciso.

2016: Development of literacy skills in elementary basic education through gamification. Edison Arango, Javier Enciso.


2012: Tensor Contraction Schemes: Applied to 2D Problems in Quantum Simulations. Javier Enciso.