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The most important asset in our company

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Javier Enciso

CEOJavier Enciso

Javier is a Computer Scientist from the National University of Colombia and holds a Master of Science from the Technical University Munich. Over the years, he has worked at Big Tech companies and preeminent research organizations in Colombia, China, Germany and USA. Currently, he spends most of his time with his wife and three daughters, while leading the most amazing team.





Alejandra Rojas

CFOAlejandra Rojas

Alejandra is a Computer Scientist for the University of the Llanos.





Juan-David Vargas  Juan-David Vargas

Web Projects Coordinator

Juan-David Vargas is a Computer Scientist from Universidad de los Llanos and a final-year Music student at UPTC. He is a proud member of Enciso Systems since 2021, after several years of collaboration with the CEO and other members. Nowadays he shares his time between the realms of art and engineering, and the cities of Villavicencio and Tunja (Colombia), while helping to coordinate the coolest team in the galaxy.




Paula Velasquez  Paula Velasquez

Software Engineer

Her name is Paula Velasquez and She received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Scientist from the Universidad de Los Llanos of Colombia. She has been working at Enciso Systems company as a Software Engineer since January 2020 but she has worked with the CEO in some other projects since October 2019. In her free time she likes to read books and if she doesn’t have something to read, she likes to look for new books to read and add them in her Google drive.




Ingry Romero Ingry Romero

Software Engineer

Her name is Ingry Romero and currently she is finishing her career as a System Engineer at Unillanos University. She has been working at Enciso Systems company as a software engineer since January. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family and practices a second language to improve her academic and work performance.




Diego Palacios Diego Palacios

Web Developer

Diego is from Villavicencio, Colombia. He is a web developer and a member of Enciso Systems Company. He currently works using technologies like Django, React JS, and prototype development with Unity, he likes front-end development. He loves all of that.









Carlos Ortíz

Legal Advisor

Gisela Turriago


Álvaro Trujillo Alvaro Trujillo

English Teacher







Libia Rios Libia Rios

Executive Assistant








Alejandro VivasAlejandro Vivas

Content Assistant

Alejandro is a Computer Science student from Unillanos University. Currently, he is working at Enciso Systems where he is supporting the migration and content management of an astronomical website. In addition, he has experience as a backend developer with technologies like Django, Django Rest Framework, Celery and RabbitMQ. He likes to spend his free time cooking international recipes for his family.



Daniel Restrepo Daniel Restrepo

Web Developer

Daniel A. Restrepo Barbosa was born in Colombia on August 25, 1997. He received his Bachelor's degree in systems engineering from the Universidad de Los Llanos of Colombia in 2020. Since then, he has been with Enciso Systems, Villavicencio, Colombia, where he is currently the leading backend developer. The Space Telescope Science Institute website migration has been the project most bigger in which he has participated. He is interested in the Internet of Things, Stochastic process simulation, and the interpretation of musical pieces on the piano.



Maria RinconMaria Rincon

Commercial Executive

She is Maria Giovanna Rincon, graduated from Universidad del Meta as Business Administrator. Giovanna currently works as Sales Executive at Enciso Systems and has extended experience in sales along her professional career, keeping herself updated with the latest marketing trends. Giovanna is an entrepreneur who has created her own hand-made jewellery business. During her free time she enjoys having fun with her family as well as adding new creations to her jewellery collection.



Angie Nathalia Martínez

Commercial Executive

Her name is Angie Nathalia Martínez, she recieved her degree In bilingüe technical with emphasis in customer service, Currently student of business administration at Minuto de Dios university. She has Been working at Enciso systems since May 2021. She has An extensive Experience with customer service. In Her free time she likes go to the cinema and read history articles and books.