Leadership course at MIT, July 2014

FITS Liberator

The Astronomical Image Processing Tool

The NOIRLab/IPAC/ESA/STScI/CfA FITS Liberator 4 is an image processing tool used by scientists and general public to produce the most beautiful astronomical images.

The NOIRLab/IPAC/ESA/STScI/CfA FITS Liberator 4 brings several useful features, including: command line interface, reorganization of the graphical user interface, Dark Mode, support for big files, ability to run on top of the main 64-bit operating systems, and many more. Stay tuned, and get ready to liberate the most fascinating images out for this world!

Development Team

FITS Liberator Development Team
FITS Liberator 4 Development Team. From left to right: Javier Enciso, Juan Fajardo, David Zambrano.
Credit: Enciso Systems/G. Hidalgo