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Nuestro Universo

2021-08-19 13:00
Nuestro Universo

Enciso Systems’ Anthem with Llano flavor

Enciso Systems presents Nuestro Universo, the corporate anthem that takes elements of Llanero folklore and combines them with an impeccable musical production. The project was a collaboration between artists located in Argentina, Guatemala and Colombia. With this first work, it is expected to start a path of musical projects full of emotion and respect for the roots.

An anthem is a musical work that evokes positive feelings in addition to promoting unity. Enciso Systems' corporate anthem is an original musical composition that combines elements of the folklore of the Colombian eastern plains with nuances of pop-rock music. The result is an inspiring and emotional piece of music.

The anthem is titled Nuestro Universo and has two verses and a chorus. The first verse talks about how far we can go when we pursue our dreams and passions. Next, the second verse is a reflection on respecting and honoring our place of origin. Finally, the chorus highlights teamwork and the hope for a better future.

The musical project was coordinated by Juan-David Vargas and had the collaboration of extraordinary musicians located in Argentina, Guatemala and Colombia [1]. The lyrics and original music were in charge of Tritono Ensamble [2]. The voices were interpreted by Juan-Manuel Güiza and Daira Robin. The harp was masterfully executed by Juan-Pablo Rodríguez. Carlos Ortíz managed the intellectual property.

Gathering so much talent in this project is something that fills me with emotion. The production of the anthem has been a process of almost a year in which we have learned a lot and we have had the opportunity to see how the evolution of ideas takes us to places that could previously seem unattainable. Few companies in the market measure up to a project of this type, so I hope it will be the first in a whole line of work for the company.” says Juan-David Vargas, coordinator of the musical project.

One of the things I like the most about this experience is having managed to achieve a sound combination of elements and musical resources typical of folklore and other styles such as pop and rock. On the other hand, I think we managed to put together a team with incredible talent” adds David Ramírez, music producer.

With this first musical production, we hope to mark the beginning of new and exciting projects of this nature. Our goal is to make the talent of the region visible and show what truly makes us unique.


[1] The production team included David Ramírez (General production, arrangements, guitar and premix), Alejandro Vergara (Lyric adaptation, keyboards, mixing and mastering), Juan-Manuel Güiza (Lyric and vocal adaptation), Daniel Martínez (Recording engineering ).

[2] Tritono Ensamble is made up of Sergio-Andrés Said-Eslava (Saxophone), Danilo-Ignacio Bustos (Cuatro), Carlos-Alfonso López-Roa (Bass), Juan-Diego Forero (Drums).


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