Leadership course at MIT, July 2014

Social Media Management

Get the most of social media networks to improve sales

Social Media Management

Enciso Systems Social Media Management service enables your company to increase sells by producing effective social media posts.


  • Collaborative workflow to enable stakeholder monitor the process in realtime
  • Professional post writing, including: hashtag optimization, emoji selection and special fonts
  • High quality stock images, illustrations and sounds
  • Ability to schedule on major social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Comprehensive analytics report



Introductory Price.

Plan duration is twelve (12) months.

  Plan 12 Plan 20 Plan 30
Frequency per Month 12 posts 20 posts 30 posts
Initial Campaign Strategy  ✔
Original Content Creation
Professional Stock Images and Illustrations
Post Scheduling ✔  ✔ 
Response to Comments
Weekly Analytics Report ✔  ✔ 
Social Profiles 2 2 2
Social Networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
Cost per Month $240 USD $340 USD $450 USD
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