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News about the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Recognition for the development of COVIMA

Enciso Systems is pleased to announce that its President, Javier Enciso, has been honored by the Government of Meta for his outstanding contribution to the development of COVIMA, a crucial application of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development for the Control and Wood Surveillance. COVIMA, developed by Enciso Systems, has transformed the way we monitor and control deforestation and illegal timber trade in Colombia, thanks to the visionary leadership of Javier Enciso. This recognition reinforces Enciso Systems' commitment to the preservation of the environment and sustainable development. The company remains dedicated to collaborating with government institutions and environmental organizations towards a more sustainable future.

Covima 3

Enciso Systems announces the release of Covima 3, an application for the control and surveillance of logging activity in Colombia, which marks a milestone in the protection of forest resources and the conservation of biodiversity. Covima 3 was financed by the Institute for Green Growth and the Orinoquía Biocarbon project, and its implementation is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. The release event was attended by environmental authorities and key players in environmental protection. Covima 3 uses advanced technologies, such as image analysis and artificial intelligence, to detect and prevent illegal activities related to logging and timber transport, providing a comprehensive tool for monitoring and combating deforestation. Enciso Systems is proud of its contribution to forest protection and biodiversity conservation, and is committed to working closely with environmental authorities and organizations for a sustainable future.