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Enciso Systems Promotes Space Education in Latin America

2024-06-03 20:00
Enciso Systems Promotes Space Education in Latin America

The collaboration between Enciso Systems and C-CALDAS guarantees high-quality training in space technologies for professionals and university students

Enciso Systems announces its collaboration and technological support for the Diploma in Introduction to Space Technologies organized by C-CALDAS. This diploma, aimed at professionals and university students, will be carried out in virtual mode, covering 120 teaching hours in three months. The space sector is crucial to the global economy, driving innovation and generating skilled jobs, and this program seeks to strengthen regional human capabilities. Participants will receive high-quality training given by experts such as Dr. Jhonathan Murcia, Dr. Jenny Robledo and Dr. Jorge Espíndola. Enciso Systems will provide the implementation and management of virtual platforms and digital tools necessary for the success of the diploma.

Enciso Systems is pleased to announce its collaboration and technological support to the Diploma in Introduction to Space Technologies, organized by the Colombian Corporation for Aerospace Advancement, Leadership and Development (C-CALDAS). This diploma aims to provide an overview of space technologies to professionals and university students interested in entering this fascinating field.

The space sector plays a crucial role in the global economy [1], driving technological innovation, generating highly skilled jobs and providing essential services that affect multiple industries, from telecommunications to environmental management and security. Expanding human capabilities in space technologies at the regional level [2] is essential to maintaining global competitiveness, fostering local economic development, and ensuring that the benefits of these technologies reach diverse communities. Strengthening education and training in this sector allows emerging regions to not only participate in the space economy, but also actively contribute to its growth and evolution, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future.

The diploma, which will be carried out in virtual mode, covers a total of 120 lecture hours distributed in three modules of 40 hours each. Sessions will take place twice a week, on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, for a period of three months. Upon completion, participants must present a space mission proposal as part of the final evaluation.

The C-CALDAS Diploma in Introduction to Space Technologies stands out for its high quality, backed by the experience and academic excellence of its advisors. It has experts such as Dr. Jhonathan Orlando Murcia Piñeros, specialist in Guidance, Navigation and Control of space vehicles, with a track record in the development of aerospace research and technology projects, awarded and widely published internationally. Dr. Jenny Robledo, with solid training and specialization in space propulsion, brings her experience in the research and development of small satellites and her work with prestigious institutions and companies in the sector. Dr. Jorge Espíndola, with almost two decades of experience in satellite earth stations and an outstanding academic and professional profile, complements this team with his knowledge in information systems and space technology. This internationally renowned teaching staff guarantees a high-level educational program, which provides participants with comprehensive and advanced training in space technologies, and thus face the challenges of the sector and contribute significantly to technological and scientific development.

Enciso Systems, recognized for its leadership in the development of innovative technological solutions, will provide the necessary technical support to guarantee the success of this educational program. This includes the implementation and management of virtual platforms that will facilitate online sessions, as well as the provision of digital resources and tools that will enrich the learning experience of participants.

For more information about the diploma and technological support from Enciso Systems, visit the C-CALDAS website or contact via email caldascoporacion@gmail.com.


[1] According to data from the Satellite Industry Association (SIA), the global space economy reached a value of approximately $424 billion in 2020. Of this total, the largest segment was satellite services, which represented about 45% of the industry, including television, internet and mobile satellite communications services.

[2] Latin America has been increasing its participation in the space economy, although it still represents a small fraction of the global market. A notable fact is that, according to a report by the Latin American Space Association (ALE), the region annually invests approximately 1.5 billion dollars in space activities, which includes the construction of satellites, launches and development of space technology. Countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are leading these investments, with robust national space programs and international collaborations.


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