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Innovation in Project Estimation

2024-05-24 18:00
Innovation in Project Estimation

Enciso Systems held a cycle of Conferences and Launch of Enciso Estimation

Enciso Systems held the "From Idea to Success" conference series, designed to inspire and train young professionals in digital entrepreneurship and accurate project estimation. This event, which precedes the launch of the Enciso Estimation application, addresses the complex challenges of project management, highlighting the challenges in accurately forecasting the time and resources required to complete tasks. The conferences, held at renowned universities, offered key insights and strategies to turn ideas into business successes in the digital world. Additionally, Enciso Estimation, an innovative tool that breaks down tasks and provides accurate effort estimates from natural language descriptions, was launched live. This application, developed especially for young professionals, uses advanced algorithms to deliver fast and reliable results, transforming project management efficiently and effectively.

Enciso Systems is pleased to announce the holding of the conference series titled "From Idea to Success: Keys to Undertaking in the Digital World and Estimating Projects Accurately", an initiative designed to inspire and train young professionals in the field. of digital entrepreneurship. This event serves as a preamble to the long-awaited launch of our new application, Enciso Estimation, a revolutionary tool that promises to transform the way professionals manage and estimate projects.

Project estimating represents one of the most complex challenges in project management [1], due to the difficulty of accurately predicting the time and resources required to complete a task. Key challenges include the uncertainty inherent in the initial phases of projects, variability in team productivity, lack of complete information about the scope of work, and potential contingencies that may arise during development. These factors can lead to significant deviations from initial estimates, affecting budget, timelines, and ultimately the success of the project.

The conferences took place at the following universities:

  • University of the Llanos: April 30
  • Cooperative University of Colombia: May 2
  • Compensar University Foundation: May 21

At these events, Enciso Systems experts shared crucial knowledge and strategies to turn innovative ideas into business successes in the digital environment. Additionally, a live demonstration was held of the Enciso Estimation application, which allows users to enter a task description in natural language [2] and receive a detailed breakdown into subtasks, along with an accurate estimate of the effort required to complete each one. .

Enciso Estimation has been developed especially for young professionals looking for efficient and precise tools to manage their projects. The application uses advanced natural language processing algorithms and project estimation techniques [3] to provide fast and reliable results.


[1] According to studies conducted by Stanford University, approximately 90% of projects exceed their original time and cost estimates.

[2] Despite significant advances in recent years, machines still struggle to fully understand context and ambiguity in human language.

[3] Some examples of estimation techniques commonly used in project management include: analog estimation, three-point estimation, parametric estimation, delphi estimation, function point estimation, among others.


More Information

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The University of los Llanos, located in the heart of Colombia, is an educational institution committed to the comprehensive training of its students and the development of the region. With a focus on research, innovation and sustainability, this university offers an ideal environment for the generation of new ideas and projects. The conference held here on April 30 brought together students and professionals interested in digital entrepreneurship, providing them with valuable tools to transform their ideas into successful realities.

The Cooperative University of Colombia, with an educational model based on cooperative principles, is dedicated to promoting collaboration and the entrepreneurial spirit among its students. The May 2 event at this university attracted a diverse audience, including young professionals and academics interested in the latest trends in technology and project management. The conference highlighted the importance of accuracy in project estimation as a key factor for success in the competitive digital world.

The Compensar University Foundation, recognized for its focus on quality education and the comprehensive well-being of its students, offers academic programs that prepare young people to face the challenges of the world of work. On May 21, this institution was the scene of the last conference of the cycle, where attendees were able to learn from Enciso Systems experts about best practices for undertaking and managing projects with precision. The interaction and enthusiasm of the participants reflected the university's commitment to academic excellence and innovation.


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