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ESA/Hubble Website above the clouds

2020-12-31 17:00
ESA/Hubble Website above the clouds

Enciso Systems team upgrades the beloved astronomical website

In a successful collaboration between Altix, the European Southern Observatory, University of the Llanos and Enciso Systems; the team performed a major technological upgrade in the system behind the European website for Hubble Space Telescope.

Launched in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope [1] has become both a science hero and pop culture icon. Through its web pages, the public can find three decades of scientific discoveries, thousands of high quality images and videos, as well as comprehensive newsletters.

The ESA Hubble website is key to our ability to maintain Hubble prominently in Europe, to highlight  the contribution of the European Space Agency to the Hubble mission, to give visibility to the scientific results from European scientists and engage and connect with the astronomical community and the public. We depend on our website to be reliable, easy to navigate, fast, and aesthetically attractive. That is why the ESA Hubble team hired Enciso Systems to do the work and the results are outstanding!” adds Antonella Nota, ESA HST Project Scientist. 

The ESA/Hubble outreach consists of many activities so we knew we needed a trusted and capable web development team to support us with this transition for the new website. We couldn't be more delighted with their work and we look forward to continued work with this talented team in 2021!” concludes Bethany Downer, Public Information Officer at ESA/Hubble.

In addition, Enciso Systems will provide content management and web development support from now on. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a virtuous collaboration between the most emblematic telescope ever and Enciso Systems.


[1] Hubble Space Telescope is a collaboration between NASA and ESA.


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