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Javier Riveros: What is like to be a software development intern at Enciso Systems?

Javier Riveros: What is like to be a software development intern at Enciso Systems?

Challenges and opportunities everywhere!

University education and real world are two completely different things. Although higher education does a good foundational work, it is an internship where you can “connect the dots” and prepare yourself to transition into the working life.

Many of the things you learned at the university are not going to help you because things are completely different outside. The world of software development is a rapidly growing world where you must keep yourself updating to new technologies to try to be on fire. That is a great advantage of internships, because while you are still studying, you can start preparing yourself for the real world and start adjusting to it.

Enciso Systems is a company founded by Javier Enciso to satisfy the demand for professional IT services to clients in Europe and the United States. My partners Jonathan Garzon, Alejandro Vivas, Diego Palacios and I, Javier Riveros, started about four months ago to work at Enciso Systems as software developer interns.

So, being part of Enciso Systems as a software development intern really brings you a new way of thinking about the working world because you start acquiring new skills every day that are going to help you to get a job or a new opportunity once you have finished your career, we also have our English teacher's support, Alvaro Trujillo, who teaches us twice a week to reinforce our English knowledge.

To be a part of a team like the one we have at Enciso Systems makes work easier because if anyone is stuck or has a problem, any other team member can contribute to solve that problem. There is a good working environment at the company because all the team members know one another, it has helped us to create a better working space where anyone can give his opinion and suggest new ways of working.

At Enciso Systems we are currently working on the migration of Djangoplicity from Python 2 to Python 3.This project is important because it supports the web operations of several scientific organizations around the world. This system has more than ten years of development and hundreds of thousands of lines of code written in Python. Also, we are working along with Altix which is another company with a really good team that has helped us to improve as developers.

Finally, I encourage fellow students to look for opportunities in local IT companies, you can’t imagine how you can learn and contribute at the same time, while keeping close contact with your friends. 

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Enciso Systems is an information technology provider focused on preeminent scientific organizations around the globe. Its customer base spans from Europe and North America.



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