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New Corporate Identity for Enciso Systems

2020-08-05 21:00
enciso2003a. Logo Enciso Systems

Honoring our origin and projecting into the future

Corporate Identity defines who we are and where we want to be. Enciso Systems team joined efforts with graphic designers to invigorate our visual identity. In doing so, the goal was to honor our origin and pave the way to a promising future. The result is astounding. The new logo encapsulates the corporate DNA faithfully and provides an energy boost to take our firm to the next level.

Embracing corporate design work can be a daunting effort. There are too many variables and one can easily lose himself in an infinite loop of reviews. Then it is turn for the graphics design team to put the house in order. Through a systematic process, the design team channels the creative flow of ideas from initial concept to final design, always taking into account the feedback from stakeholders.

Enciso Systems logo contains two parts: Symbol and Logotype. The symbol combines the stylized silhouette of Colombia’s territory and the angle brackets. The logotype refers to the last name of the co-founder and the keyword “systems”, which suggest the idea of a comprehensive solution to the most information technology and communication challenges.

Colors have a special meaning too. Blue and Violet logo colors are associated with technology, whatsmore, there is an analogous harmony between them. Also there is a high contrast [1] between the logo colors and white backgrounds, producing a vibrant effect on the observer.

The new logo captures the essence of our daily work and gives a major role to our country. We are very happy with the result and we’ll be looking forward to producing new corporate symbols out of the initial ones.” affirms Alejandra Rojas who was involved in the design process.  

Enciso Systems team will work on more corporate identity elements. The goal is to create enduring symbols to inspire collaborators and customers, while telling the world about the outstanding capabilities of our people. Stay tuned!


[1] According to the Web Content Accessibility Guideline, contrast levels above 7 are good to guarantee accessibility for users with limited vision.


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Enciso Systems is an information technology provider focused on preeminent scientific organizations around the globe. Its customer base spans from Europe and North America.


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