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Samuel Medina: What’s like to be a Software Engineer at Enciso Systems?

2020-06-02 19:00
Samuel Medina: What’s like to be a Software Engineer at Enciso Systems?

Spoiler alert, it is great!

Working at Enciso Systems is a huge opportunity for me and my partners, we are in a team of colleagues with a similar expertise level that creates a great synergy between us.

We have to be expanding the horizon of our knowledge permanently, both technical knowledge and other skills. We have the opportunity and the need to improve a second language. It is needed to get better in teamwork, it is needed to improve our social skills, working at Enciso Systems is a road to grow as a professional.

To interact with all the changes of the business, it is necessary to achieve a high English level. It is necessary to send emails, to write articles, to read a lot of documentation (the most updated documentation is written in English), a Software Engineer has to listen and speak and English for all international meetings, it can be a little harsh at the beginning but it is a great way to force you to improve this indispensable skills, and we are not alone, there are weekly reinforcement classes to help us with this task. 

The software engineer’s role at Enciso Systems requires having knowledge in some technologies as Drupal, html, CSS, php, Mantis Bug Tracker, Django, docker, git and some others. It is not necessary that you start your path being a master at all these technologies but it is required to have the will and dedication to learn and improve your capabilities. There is the opportunity to learn, but it is up to everyone to take it or just let it go.

It is common for a person who dedicates his whole life to the computer sciences to have low social skills, working at Enciso Systems is a chance to break out of the shell, force yourself to improve the way you interconnect with other people, you realize that the soft skills are as important as the technical ones.

As I said before, it has been a great opportunity for me, and I am really thankful for it. I have improved my English skills, I have gotten many technical skills and gotten to know about many technologies that I had no idea that we have in our hands. Our team has to know one another better and better, our strengths, what we may need help with, and how to work better between us to get the maximum results.


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Enciso Systems conceptualizes, designs, performs and provides after-sales services for  information and communication technology products; including hardware and software; as well as the physical infrastructure and civil works required for its operation. Its customer base spans from Europe and North America.


Samuel Media
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