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Continuous delivery of fixed links

2019-06-17 17:00
Continuous delivery of fixed links

Deploying new software features in shorter cycles

BYE BYE 404’s software development team has fully integrated the continuous delivery of product’s updates after pushing changes to the code repository. By using this approach, users will profit from shorter development cycles and new features frequently.

In old days, integrating new features or fixing bugs [1] were challenging tasks not only because of solving the task per se but the new patch integration into the production environment. All those painful days are behind with the arrival of the so-called continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) approaches to produce high-quality software in short cycles.

version control system is at the core of a CI/CD supported software development environment. BYE BYE 404 profits from git to manage the contributions of a geographically distributed development team. Developers push code to the repository where a software integration manager moderates and approves their patches. Once the patch meets the quality standards, the integration manager triggers the build and test process.

During the build and test process, the test server creates a new environment from scratch by taking advantage of container technologies. At the end of this step, the server builds a new container registry that will be available for the next process. This container registry will have both the code and required software components, including programming languages, database, web server, among others.

Developing highly available software applications demands the latest technologies and the best practices from industry. Omit one of them and the result might be uncertain. In discussions with the development team, I certainly see both features in BYE BYE 404’s software development process.” says Jose Alvarez, a Fullstack developer at Digital Factory Colpatria.

Our user community can expect new exciting features in the following months. Now that BYE BYE 404 supports CI/CD, only imagination sets the limits of what we can do for you!


[1] Software bugs are errors present in a computer program. To fix them, software developers need to reproduce them to find their cause and write a piece of code to solve the problem.


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