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Major Technology Update

Major Technology Update

Keeping the pace with the evolving technology ecosystem

BYE BYE 404’s development team deployed a new version of the web application. The new version incorporates cutting-edge software engineering culture and practice that unifies software development and operations, on top of cloud computing services.

Scalability is a must in the design of contemporary web applications. Skip this principle and web applications will become obsolete and replaced by others, capable to respond to a frequent growing amount of users and work.

Anticipating a new wave of customers, BYE BYE 404’s development team successfully deployed a new version of BYE BYE 404 that takes advantage of the DevOps [1] culture, virtualization at the operating system level, and cloud computing services to build, test, deploy, and manage the software across the entire product’s life cycle.

Containers are magic units that ease the life of the developers. Add multiple containers and you will end up with a virtual environment. In this way, developers don’t worry about differences between local and production environments. By following this approach, one saves a lot of time.” says Edison Arango, technical leader.

Jumping from one major version in a programming language to another  is a real challenge, and could be a total disaster. One has to consider the collateral effects to keep the continuity of the operation. Luckily, a comprehensive suite of unit tests reduces the risk.” continues Diego Ascencio, developer.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that helps software enterprises to grow in a seamless way. It is a charm to see how well BYE BYE 404 uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud services to accomplish its mission.” argues Walter Novoa, Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft, who was not involved in the software development.

New features include:

  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Support for Website Feeds
  • Redesign of the Broken Links interface

In conclusion, major technology update is a regular practice in software applications that aim to keep growing in the market. Although there are changes in the technology,  the most important one is regard to the service commitment of people who supports the process. At this point, we strive to focus our attention in offering the best service to our customers and free the world of broken hyperlinks.


[1] DevOps is the contraction of the terms “development” and “operations”.


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