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BYE BYE 404 presented in Peru

2018-08-09 17:00
BYE BYE 404 presented in Peru

Academic validation for the business concept

Computer scientists from BYE BYE 404 and the University of the Llanos presented two research papers at the Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology in Peru.

From 18 until 20 July 2018, Maximiliano Cárdenas and Emiraldo Lozano presented two academic papers in the field of software engineering and information retrieval at the 16th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology “Innovation in Education and Inclusion”. Scientists and practitioners from the entire continent enriched the venue with their presence.

Adriana Páez Pino (Sergio Arboleda University) and María Mercedes Larrondo Petrie (Florida Atlantic University) were the General Conference Chair. Humberto Álvarez (Technological University of Panama), Luis Felipe Zapata Rivera (Florida Atlantic University), and Zaida Jova Aguila (Salesian University Center of Sao Paulo) were the Full Papers-, Work in Progress-, and Student Papers- Chairs respectively.

It was amazing! I enjoyed to take part in this research project. I learned a lot, practiced with leading technologies, and visited a new country. It was perfect.” says Maximiliano Cárdenas, first author of one of the papers.

I really recommend this experience to future students. It comprises both technical and soft skills development in a reasonable time. Now I feel comfortable to face technical challenges at international level.” adds Emiraldo Lozano, first author of the other paper.

It is exciting to see how these young men arrive as interns and end up as speakers at international events, we are very proud of their achievements and do our best to keep promoting academic and professional excellence in our teams.” summarises Javier Enciso co-author of both studies.

Finally, academic validation [1] plays an important role in the product development cycle. First, it prevents common mistakes by taking into account the comments from pairs around the globe. Second, it enables to share the latest developments with the community. Certainly, this a win-win situation.


[1] Blind review guarantees the academic validation of the work.


More information

LACCEI is a non-profit organization of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) institutions that offer academic programs in Engineering and Technology as well as institutions (i.e. universities, colleges, schools and businesses) from other parts of the world that have demonstrated interest and activities with LAC institutions.

The University of the Llanos integrally comprises citizens, professionals and scientists with sensitivity and appreciation for the historical, social, cultural and ecological heritage of Humanity, competent and committed to solving problems of the Orinoquia and the country with a universal vision, conserving its nature as a center for the generation, preservation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge and culture.

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