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Two papers accepted to LACCEI 2018

2018-06-25 17:00
Two papers accepted to LACCEI 2018

Communicating advances in information retrieval to the general public

Two scientific papers by students from the University of the Llanos were accepted to the Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology (LACCEI). In this year, the conference takes place in Lima, Peru, from July 18 to 20.

Maximiliano Cárdenas is the lead author of the paper titled A Scalable End- to-end Web Application to Fix Broken Hyperlinks. “It was a very interesting experience. I was able to interact with skilled professionals to solve complex issues using infrastructure as a service.” says Maximiliano.

Emiraldo Lozano is the lead author of the paper titled A Multi-strategy Recommendation Algorithm to Retrieve Broken Hyperlinks. “For me it was a challenge. To learn quickly new concepts on machine learning and apply them into a production system was a transforming experience. I highly recommend working on internships in startups.” adds Emiraldo.

Roger Calderón, director of the Software Engineering specialization program at the University of the Llanos also took part in this investigation. “Students from the undergraduate program in computer systems engineering are able to produce international level academic papers and we are very happy to see the results.” concludes Roger.

Previously, Maximiliano and Emiraldo presented their work at VillaDevs, a technical forum to discuss topics on emerging technologies.


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