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Trained First Cohort of Data Analysts

Trained First Cohort of Data Analysts

Boosting BYE BYE 404’s business intelligence capabilities

Between October 25 and November 8 2017 the first cohort of the data analysis team was trainend and certified at the Punto Vive Digital Lab Villavicencio[1]. The objetive of the training sessions was to develop basic understanding of the underlaying web technologies and collaborative tools behing BYE BYE 404.

Paquesoft Meta is pleased to host training activities that promotes the information technology literacy among the Llanos Orientales community” says Camilo Riveros Executive Director of Parquesoft Meta.

There is an outstanding combination of experience and energy among the trained team. It is impressive how information technology permeates at different stages of life” adds Laura Salazar Administrative of the Punto Vive Digital Lab in Villavicencio.

When I started the training my knowledge about web technologies was limited. Now I expect to contribute with my dedication and effort to the success of BYE BYE 404” concludes Rodrigo Ríos participant of the training session.

At  BYE BYE 404 we firmly believe in the digital inclusion. Our data analysis team combines the vibrant youth with the seasoned maturity inteterested in acquiring further knowledge and take part in the current information revolution. From now on, the data analysis team will be exploring the World Wide Web, looking for opportunities to improve different websites. The data analysis team in changing the world one link at a time!


[1] Punto Vive Digital Lab Villavicencio is supported by the Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones.


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