Leadership course at MIT, July 2014

PostDoc: Traceability automatization for BPMN model activities and their execution links (Closed)

PostDoc: An approach for automatization of traceability among BPMN model activities and their execution links

ID: job2007

Software products face continuous changes that are originated from several origins. Change sources include specialized users that require new forms of interactions and new services and products; pressure from competitors that innovate constantly forcing us to react or anticipate with novelties as well; technologies that advance offering new possibilities for interactions, services and products; and ever present, bugs that are discovered after the software is in use and must be fixed.

We are looking for a motivated post-doctoral researcher to help to improve the accuracy in estimations and the effort required to evolve the BPMN–based software, using automatic traceability among the activities in the BPMN models and their execution links.

General Objective

  • Improve the evolution of BPMN-based software, both in the estimation of changes and in the effort to make them, through automatic traceability between activities and their execution links.

Specific Objectives

  • Define a traceability strategy to improve the evolution of BPMN-based software.
  • Design a technique and develop the required tools for traceability automation of BPMN-based software development.
  • Validate the technique to improve the evolution of BPMN-based software.

Must-have skills

  • Software Product Lines
  • Software Architecture
  • Research Methods in Software Engineering

Optional skills

  • Process Improvement
  • Cloud Computing
  • Modeling Specific Domains
  • English


  • Post-doctoral Research position


  • 12 months, full time

Application deadline

  • 29 October 2020

Start date

  • First semester 2021

Application material

Send your CV and motivation letter in PDF format to jobs@encisosystems.com, include the ID of this offer in the subject. Also include links to examples of previous work